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When fulfilling an old promise made to his grandfather, us brothers, already engaged in other professions, we began to devote to the management of the family, had in mind a clear and ambitious: to create a farm capable of rediscovering fragrances guests forgotten sounds and landscapes never imagined and the colors of the campaign that only those of us who deeply loves the area can recognize. 


The agriturism of Piecorto is a small town built on the ruins of an ancient fortress of the Florentine Republic of the twelfth century, situated on a ridge path from an ancient Roman road.

From here you can admire a wonderful view: on the one hand the sequence of the Chianti hills covered with woods and vineyards and the other a succession of valleys and hills, dotted with small villages and towns of the Val d'Elsa, reaching with his eyes the magnificent towers of San Gimignano.

All its 90 acres are within a game reserve, densely populated by wildlife that wanders freely through the fields.

Guests are also a natural park, a swimming pool, bowling alley and a large space in common use with TV, table tennis, mini-bar.









The agritourism

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